Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What gets measured, changes...

What are the ingredients of a successful day? Two things, both related to each other...

1. You must have measurable goals, what I would call deliverables.

2. They must be something you have control over.

If you're in some kind of selling position, and who isn't these days, and you set a goal to reach a certain level of transactions or volume, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

What you need to focus on are the activities.

Write a certain number of pages, make a number of contacts, set things in motion with some e-mails to key people...whatever your situation is, make the goals measurable, achievable, deliverable.

The goals must be in place either the night before or early in the day. If you show up and just "let the day happen to you", the odds of you pulling off a successful day drop considerably. Have an action plan in place, make them achievable, measurable, do win.

If a great career or life is a series of great years, which are a series of great months, which are a series of great days...shouldn't you start today?

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