Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Joe Jackson was on the right track...


In the early '80's Joe Jackson came out with a song that went "You can't get what you want 'til you know what you want". This is true enough and a good first step, but there's one more piece...

Your brain needs to know the why.

Your brain will take on any goal you put in front of it once it knows why the goal is there in the first place. A goal such as an "income in the mid six figures", or a "book written by December 1", isn't enough to get your brain cells to buy into it. Try this: "my goal is to reach an income level in the mid six figures which will enable me to pay off those credit cards, get that vacation home in Mexico, and send my kids to the private school in town".

Now that's a goal your brain can get it's arms around.

It is specific, has emotional ties, can be visualized, and has measurable and tangible outcomes as a by-product of the goal. All of these ingredients are necessary for your brain to buy into your goal.

Right now take one of the goals you're working on and if it doesn't have a visualizable "why" in it weave that in, embrace it, visualize it, take a moment to get your brain to wrap itself around it, and go do one thing today that puts it closer.

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