Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Commitment isn't just a word for getting serious...

It's the real deal.

You commit to something and the world will step aside for you. Opportunities show up, contacts respond, your blood flows, the adrenalin kicks in,'re off.

You pull back, show weakness of resolve, a crack in the wall of commitment... and all that vanishes. Suppose a rocket or an airplane was serious about taking off but not committed? The results would be disastrous, the engineers humiliated, and it would never get off the ground.

You are the vessel of your life...are you committed, or just blowing off steam? Are you really going to get off the ground with what you're putting out, or do you need to turn on the afterburners?

What will it take to get you launched? Are you doing that? Untie the bowlines and let your ship sail...the world wants to see how far you can go.

Now go start your day.

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