Friday, February 6, 2009

The fool is only happy when his cravings are satisfied, the true happy.

When the philosopher Seneca wrote those words 2000 years ago, he obviously had no idea of the state our civilization could reach. Yet even with all modern life has to offer...most people are unable to say they are truly happy.

If you say to yourself something along the lines of, "I'd be happy if all my debts were paid off", or "I'll be happy when I get a different job, or marry someone else...", the truth is...

no you won't.

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who talk like the example above, and those who have made a decision to be happy in spite of whatever circumstances happen to be in their life. It's not a change in circumstances that governs your happiness, it is a change in your thought process.

One person can be happy with seemingly unsurmountable odds in life, while others wallow in misery over trivial matters. The difference is one has made a decision to live a life of happiness, the other is waiting for something to happen before being happy...

and that wait has the potential to become your life.

Great thinkers from Shakespeare to Henry Ford have spoken to this concept, and the idea is to work on your mindset and beliefs as much as you work at improving your life, and in the meantime enjoy the journey. In the end it comes down to this...there really is no goal out there that will change your life, your life is the journey... enjoy it.

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