Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 minutes to enlightenment...

Ran across an interesting blog the other day,

He has some smart things to say, what struck me the most is this video he put up:

Do yourself a favor and watch this, it's an entertaining 2 minutes that is a metaphor for life and will change the way you think about things.

The message is clear, and anything I say here will just detract from it. Check it out, and your day will be jump started.


  1. I saw the video. It is true too. You go through life, sometimes searching and trying or achieving every which goal, always reaching higher. Then you are in your forties and you wonder I am happy now, what more do I want? When is it enough? Right now, with the economy, people have lost either their jobs, money, possesions or all. They may have retired or are not able to find another job, and you wonder, all that hard work you have done, sacrifices you have made, and now look at where you are, through no fault of your own. At times having to start over. Was it worth giving up certain things? My philosphy is to live each day as if it was your last, because it may very well be. I am not being pessimistic but realistic. I can plan, as much as I can, for tomorrow, but I don't want to stop living today because of it.

  2. @Daily Jump Start Blog: I really like this blog! Do you have an email address? I might be interested in interviewing you via email for my blog.

    Send me a message with your contact info when you get this.