Friday, March 6, 2009

Stop philosophizing about what a good person is...and be one.

Marcus Aurelius

The gap between what you want in your mind and what you present to the world on a daily basis is the main source of angst among people today.

Your aspirations, dreams and goals are clear in your mind, seem attainable, however it's the execution that is usually the missing ingredient.

This is normal, you're human, things take time, effort, and distractions loom around every corner. Not to despair...what you seek is also seeking you, it is already there waiting for you.

The life you're living right now, the thoughts in your brain...all have what it takes to get you to your destination...the core ingredient is belief...belief in your conscious mind that your goal is attainable, worthy, and in your grasp.

We're all taught that if the mind can believe something, then it can be achieved. Yet it must be deeper than just belief, it must go to the core of your very being, every atom in your body must buy into what you're doing. The mental will then take over the physical and you will be on the path.

The trick? Daily. It must be daily, your affirmations, goal review, dreams, executable steps that get you on your way...all of this needs to be visualized, felt, assimilated daily. That's the way world class top performers do it...and it will work for you.

Commit to a daily review of your goals, dreams, aspirations; feel them as though they are a part of you every day...and then they will become what you're made of.

Now go jump start your day.

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