Thursday, March 19, 2009

If you want to know how you really feel about something...

write about it.

When you write out a situation, dilemma, issue or challenge... something happens that isn't showing up on the paper...

It's crystallizing in your brain.

Writing something out will give it texture, dimension, and force you to put cohesive thoughts together that when read later...will surprise you.

The best way to use this is to generate ideas or solutions to things going on in your life right now. The simple act of committing your thoughts to paper brings out your subconscious, summoning resources from other parts of your life to form a body of work that until now existed only in disconnected parts of your brain.

By connecting your thoughts you perform an act of creation, forming something tangible and permanent, that is yours and yours alone.

So instead of thinking, ruminating and worrying...grab a pen or your computer and write about it. I assure you that what comes out on the paper will have more dimension and insight than what that little voice inside your head is saying.

It doesn't have to be grammatically perfect, this is for you to do what you want with...but the very act of doing this will open gateways to progress and insight that few other activities can.

For more on doing this I highly recommend this book.

Now grab that pen and go jump start your day.

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