Friday, January 30, 2009

It boils down to just one thing...

Most of us think the gap between who we want to be and who we are is an insurmountable canyon of obstacles, pitfalls and failures. It isn't. It's something you have complete control over.

When you start your day chances are you have a list of things to do, some you do, some you put off, and none excite you because they don't enhance your life. So here's what you do....

Make the decision to become who you want to be by first having the state of mind that person would have. Are you wanting to be more athletic? Be that person's state of mind. Do you want an income in the mid six figures? Become that person by first having the state of mind your mental prototype of that person would have. And the beauty of changing your state of mind is this...

It is instant.

It can be as simple as saying to yourself, "I have now become the person I've always wanted to be." It can be looking at yourself in the mirror thinking, "You're an athlete, act like one." It means finally beginning to be you.

When you've done it, write down something that person would have as a goal, then write down a task that would work toward that goal and only take 15 minutes. This is the first item on your to do list today...the one that is meaningful to it first...the rest will begin to flow.

More great stuff coming go jump start your day.

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  1. No matter how wide the gap, it is always possible to imagine a series of small steps that get you across that gap. Start with the first step. Nice post!